Thursday, September 16, 2010

Biding My Time

As much fun as the situation of being engaged is... I'm starting to have a hard time with it.  I AM SO READY TO BE MARRIED!

So, I have found ways to bide my time that make me feel as though I am moving ever closer to the "Big Day."
One fun project my roommate, Laura, and have begun is making fabric flowers.  I went to Hancock Fabrics in Jackson and loaded up on crisp tulles, soft cream-colored silks, some stiff grey and pink fabrics, and a beautiful slate blue I want to make a slinky dress out of.

We read some fellow DIY blogs and pick up on some flower-making tips.  We've only just begun, but I am getting excited for how these will look hanging from the 1850's farmhouse at the reception.

Another little help in getting myself through this next several months is my new nephew! Well, I consider him my nephew... He is a precious little boy named Baxter. He is 8 weeks old with blue eyes and black hair.
He belongs to my roommate but I feel I am too involved in his upbringing not to claim him as part of my own. 

I didn't think I was ready for a puppy in our apartment, but who can say no to a boy as sweet and precious as this? Baxter helps me to remember that it really is the small things in life like the chaos of having to rush to the bathroom with a poop covered puppy and bathing him frantically with one of your very best friends that truly bring joy into this world of sorrow and sin.  And it is these little things that require so much patience like puppies and creating flowers and waiting to married, that reap the most rewards. So I will be still and continue to bide my time.

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