Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Another Year Wiser...

Oh the lessons learned.


This past weekend I celebrated another amazing birthday with friends and loved ones.  During the days surrounding my birthday I was asked several times, "So do you feel 23?" or "How does it feel to be 23?"
So I had to ask myself, how does 23 feel?  At first I did not feel anything at all.  I mean, it is only one day's difference between 22 and 23.  But, maybe I should feel different; after all with age comes wisdom.

So, I have made a list.  This is what I have learned and what I am vowing to learn in my next year of life.
  • Beauty is inward.  No matter how much I strive to be beautiful on the outside, what matters really IS what is on the inside.  I want to have  a beautiful heart.
  • Anger is easy, but solves nothing.  I have learned I really am quick to anger, but to resolve anything I must be quick to peace and quick to listen.
  • Money really doesn't  grow on trees.  (Still working on learning this one)
  • I must open my heart in order to feel loved.  This means being vulnerable to pain, but it is the only way to rejoice in God's gift of the joy of love.
  • I am blessed.
  • I know very little about life. 
This next year I am praying for wisdom.  If there is one thing I have absolutely learned it is that God still has much to teach me.

Thanks to my friends and fiance for an amazing birthday celebration.  I am so lucky to have you.

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